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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

GAJA Relief Material by NITT Students Third Phase Distribution

NITT THIRD Phase Distribution - GAJA Relief Material by Students

GAJA Relief Material by Students, Faculty,Staff members and RECAL of NIT Tiruchirappalli extending their support on the doorstep of victim in Vedaranyam District 
(Kodiyakkadu fisherman village) 

NIT Tiruchirappalli Students extend their support with the fifth set of  relief material to 400 families in the interior villages of  Vedaranyam (Kodiyakkadu, Karupangulam, Vanduvanjeri, Vellikidangu, Ayanmul) after 
extending their support to 20 villages in Pudukkottai, Pattukottai, Mannargudi and Thiruthuraipoondi. A student from the team said we have collected the relief materials with the support of our RECAL Association and students to serve 400 families in a rural village which havenot received any support. 

With the guidance from district collectorate relief centre came to know few villages near Vedaranyam district (Kodiyakkadu, Karupankulam, Vanduvanjerri Vellikidangi, Ayanmul) have not received any support as they are around 10kms from the main road and no bus facility. Overnight we packed 400 pockets of relief material containing milk powder, candle, matchbox, biscuit, rusk, mosquito coil, brush, toothpaste, atta powder, soap on joining hands with RECAL and students.

During discussions about the distribution, we want to ensure how to reach every needy in a village because during distribution in street mostly old age people and people stay at the end of the Street will not receive any
due to heavy rush. Then we came up with an idea to reach every family on their doorstep so along with the relief truck we went in bikes so even in inaccessible spot bike can be useful. 

Best thing impressed us was after reaching the Kodiyakkadu fisherman village near Kodiyakkarai they gave the complete list of the villages and gave us the database of people affected and who actually needs help. Then 10 fisherman join our team to reach every doorstep in the village. It was surprising when few told us we have already received some relief material, so please handover these materials to other families who have not received anything as they couldn't get into the  
crowd and collect the relief material. After a week of relief  activities covering almost 25 villages in 6 different districts, we really got impressed by seeing people being so caring about other even when they are affected.

Our respect towards fisherman raised and we took a bow to them then return back to NIT learning how to live happily even you don't have  anything.

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