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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Leadership development for higher Education institutions

 Leadership development for higher Education institutions organised by NIT Tiruchirappalli Co organized with NTU,Singapore and IIIT Sri City sponsored by MHRD-LEAP

Excellence in higher education achieved through research and  innovation is the hallmark of highly successful economies of the  world. India is now one of the top few large economies of the world  mainly due to the importance given to higher education. However, we  are yet to attain world-class excellence and thereby feature among the  best institutions of the world. A transformational change is necessary to propel some of the Indian higher educational organizations to the  top, a change that is likely to be catalyzed via visionary leadership.  
Recognizing this need, the Ministry of Human Resource Development,  Government of India has initiated a Leadership for Academicians  Program (LEAP) which seeks to create visionary leaders for the  national higher education system. 

Leadership for Academicians  Programme (LEAP) is a unique, important and timely initiative to equip  senior faculty members with to take up leadership roles in existing  and new institutions. The program is to be delivered roughly two-weeks  in India and a one-week long program in a leading foreign institution.  The entire program expenses including foreign travel is sponsored by  MHRD.

NIT Trichy is the only NIT among 15top institutions selected by MHRD  to conduct the LEAP program in February 2019. Nanyang Technological  University, one of the top 12 universities of the world is the  international partner. IIIT Sri City is co-organizing this program.  The potential participants of the program are Professors with  
sufficient years of experience and who are likely to be the next  generation of leaders for our institutions of higher education.

In addition to providing required insights on emerging international  and national contexts of technical education and necessary learning  for taking up leadership roles participants shall have a unique  opportunity to carry out a project on chosen themes of institutional administration under the mentor ship of experts from India and  
Singapore. Comprehensive feedback shall also to participants  highlighting their strengths and areas of improvement.

The programme is broadly divided into the following themes: 
♦  Visioning, Goal Setting and Strategizing ♦ Teaching & Learning 
♦  Research and Industry Collaboration ♦ People Management ♦ Financial  Management 
♦ Internationalization and Global positioning 
♦ Project and  Operations Management ♦ Societal Engagement

The programme will be delivered through a participative learning mode. It will cover discussions, exercises, case analysis, group work, field  visits etc. As part of programme methodology, it is proposed to have  
outbound activities and field visits for experiential and  reflection-based learning so that the collective learning is  
significantly achieved. The resource persons will be highly-recognized  academic leaders, entrepreneurs, professional trainers and industry leaders.

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