Saturday, 11 May 2019

Actor Vimal had received a discussed amount from Marina Pictures

Actor Vimal had received a discussed amount from Marina Pictures Singaravelan on 13.10.2017 after signing on copyrights agreement to produce Kalavani 2 for his own production studio. However, he had created an impression by displaying to everyone that the film is being produced by director Sargunam. Marina Pictures Singaravelan who has acquired the Copyrights had given the Tamil Nadu theatrical rights to Dhanalakshmi Pictures. However, the latter opted for the legal proceedings as the Tamil Nadu rights were not given to them as promised and got the verdict of partial ban on film’s release for 6 weeks.  Actor Vimal, director Sargunam and producer Singaravelan had been listed as defendants in this case. 

At this situation, director Sargunam has approached the court saying that he has nothing to do with the agreements signed between both the parties and has requested the judiciary to remove his name from the defendants’ list. 

Based on the documents he has submitted, the court has passed the verdict that Sargunam has no objection for film’s release, but others haven’t compromised on this and that the case can be carried forward with the submission of additional documents. 

Consequently, Dhanalakshmi Pictures has now decided to appeal against this verdict at Court. It has claimed that the movie shouldn’t be released until the legal proceedings are over. In case of not going by this, the production house has decided to send notice to Screen Scene Media Entertainment, Kasthuri Films, leading satellite channel and overseas distributors that they would be held responsible for the financial compensation. 

Although, the partial ban of ‘Kalavani 2’ has been lifted, there still exists a problem over releasing the film.

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