Monday, 10 June 2019


The action- adventure spin-off Men in Black: International introduces us to two new MIB members: Chris Hemsworth as Agent H, and Tessa Thompson as Agent M. The duo has already extended their chemistry on screen in their previous superhero outings, and fans have been petitioning online to see them in more movies!

 While the movie is all set to release on 14th June 2019 here are the fun facts that you should definitely know

1.  The MIB London set was built to be exactly the same size as the MIB New York set in Men in Black III – 25,000 sqft
2.   H’s vintage Jag hides a multitude alien busting fire-arms; one in the door handle, the front wing mirror, the rear bumper, the hubcap, the exhaust pipe, and the rear wheel
3.  For the scene in the Moroccan Kasbah, where MIB agents try to corner M & H, all the agents on the roof of the Kasbah Mosque had to be of the Muslim faith. It was the first time anyone had filmed a scene with people on the top of the mosque
4.  Les Twins, who play the alien twins, were once backing dancers for Beyoncé
5.  During the flash back sequence, the neuralyzer used on Molly’s parents was an original prop from the first Men in Black movie

Sony Pictures Entertainment India releases Men in Black: International on 14th June, 2019 in Hindi, English & Tamil.  

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