Saturday, 17 August 2019

NIT Tiruchirappalli alumni honoured with Distinguished Alumni Award 2019

NIT Tiruchirappalli felicitated three of the institute’s Alumni with  the ‘Distinguished Alumni Awards’ on the 16th of August 2019. The  Award Ceremony started with a Welcome Address by the Associate Dean  
(Alumni Relations) Dr. Nisha Radhakrishnan. The president of the  institute’s Alumni Association RECAL Mr. Krishna Sai spoke about the  Alumni Institute Interaction Cell which aims to bring together the  Alumni and the Institute Administration to develop the Institute. The  Director of the Institute, Dr. Mini Shaji Thomas then addressed the  gathering and explained the meticulous selection process involved in  selecting the Awardees. She congratulated the Award winners and  highlighted their contributions to the Institute. She then gave away  the awards to the Award Winners.

Mr. Rajan Narayanan (Late) an Alumnus of the 1979 batch from the  Electronics and Communication Department was honoured posthumously for  ‘Excellence in service to the Society’. He has been instrumental in  
establishing the Alumni Association RECAL and has had an enviable  corporate career after which he ventured into public service. He used  his corporate expertise to create mentorship platform organisations  for nonprofit such as Baale Mane, Diya Foundation for fundraising and  expansion activities. The Institute conferred the Award to him in  recognition of his splendid contributions to the field of mentoring  young entrepreneurs and alumni networking of the Institute.

Prof. Ram Vasu Mohan an Alumnus of the 1985 batch from the department  of Mechanical Engineering was honoured for Excellence in Academic /  Research / Innovation / Invention. currently a Professor of  Nanoengineering at Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering of  University of North Carolina System at North Carolina A&T University  where he has been serving since 2003. He is currently leading the  
computational nanoengineering research. He is also an Adjunct  Professor of Nanoscience at Joint School of Nanoscience and  Nanoengineering. He has been recognized for his splendid contributions  to the field of composite materials and Nanoengineering, Rear Admiral  Sreekumar Nair an Alumnus of the 1986 batch from the department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering was honoured for Excellence  in Public Administration. He is the Assistant Chief of Materials  (Information Technology and Systems), at Integrated Head Quarters,  Ministry of Defence (Navy). In his present role, he heads the Indian  Navy’s Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Electrical  & Electronics Weapons & Sensors, maintenance group. He has earlier  
served as Chief Staff Officer (Technical), of the Southern Naval  Command and as the Director of Personnel, at Naval Head Quarters. He  has been awarded for his service to the Navy in particular and to the  Nation at large.

The Dean (Institute Development & Alumni Relations) Dr. Raman  Sankaranarayanan concluded the ceremony with a vote of thanks and said  that such ceremonies honouring the Alumni of the Institute encourage  
the students to give back to the Institute after they graduate and  brings the Alumni and Institute closer together. The ceremony ended  with the rendering of the National Anthem.

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