Thursday, 26 September 2019

Fastrack in Space New watch collection

Fastrack’s entry in Space – A new range of watches.

With mysteries of space being the talk of the hour, Fastrack is proud to announce its latest collection inspired from Space. It’s a range that captures the glory of space exploration. The collection takes its inspiration from the ever growing and rising interests of our youth ina journey of space discovery. It combines the beauty of various spatial elements like constellations, moon craters, space crafts, horizon and a lot more to make a perfect watch for our aspirational youths. 

Sharing his thoughts on the new collection,Mr. Ayushman Chiranewala, Fastrack - Head of Marketing, said, “We atFastrack arethrilled to introduce our new range of watches inspired from ‘Space”. The inspiration behind this range stems from a peak in the interest we’ve seen among the youth lately - be it the launch of new movies with a space theme or India’s mission to reach the moon. This is a differentiated collection in terms of its design, and for the first time, the brand has a space age material like Titanium used in the build of its case.”

The assortment of watches has over 20 variants, each designed to take our young star gazers on a space exploration journey. Guys can try their hands on the 12 variants with various case designs that takes its inspiration from elements like Horizon, Space View etc. It even sports different functionalities like Multifunction, Moon Phase tracking and 24 Hour movements. These variants celebrate the intrinsic elements like readings on a space ship and a horizon viewed from space. For those who are extreme adventurers, there are watches based on the landing gear of a space ship and view of the moon from a space craft.

The Girls’ collection has dial design inspired by Lunar Eclipse,narrating the story of an eclipse that almost covers the sky. On the other hand, watches based on the Orbit range stylishly portrays star constellation on its dial. It sports other design features like Disc hands which resemble an Orbit, printing of constellations on the glass of the watch and a quirky placement of the date window. 
The excitement doesn’t end here!Space enthusiasts can even get a hold of the limited edition watch with the dial made from titanium - a space age material.

Fastrack’s entry in Space – A new range of watches

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