Monday, 2 September 2019

NIT Trichy Director hands over Student’s designed Truck Mounted Street Vacuum Cleaner to Trichy City Corporation

NIT Trichy Director hands over Student’s designed Truck Mounted Street  Vacuum Cleaner to Trichy City Corporation

A truck-mounted street vacuum cleaner (T-MSVC), a product indigenously  designed and developed by members of the Designers’ Consortium, the  official product designing club of NIT Trichy was declared open for  
public usage on 23rd August 2019.  This cost-efficient,  power-efficient solution to metropolitan road cleanliness problems was  officially handed over to the Trichy City Corporation Commissioner,  Mr.Ravichandran by NIT Trichy Director Prof Mini Shaji Thomas in an  official ceremony organized at NIT Trichy Campus on August 23rd, 2019.  This product can be mounted on the corporation truck which can be used  for removal of trash from the streets. It is a solution to Trichy's  problem of accumulation of waste on the streets especially in and  around Vegetable Market area.

The aspiring project, which was conceived by one of the golden batches  of REC Trichy, the batch of '83, was also funded by the same selfless  set of patrons, Mr Richard Sekar, Mr Sagayaraj Benedict and Mr  T.Suresh, with their moto to give back to the society. The conception  of the project was initiated through an “Immacula Trichy Hackathon”  that was organized by the Student’s welfare office and the Alumni  Relations office of NIT Tiruchirapalli in September 2018 and the  project was taken up by the students of Designer's consortium (DC) of  
NIT Tiruchirappalli.  In order to fully understand the needs and  challenges of the product, the students travelled to Chennai to study  and evaluate the existing street cleaners owned by the Chennai  Corporation. Subsequently, the team came out with a cost-effective  vacuum cleaner, the trash from which could be collected in an on-board  
container of the truck. The team made frequent visits to the  Ariyamangalam dumping site to further understand the life-cycle of  waste and its management.

The Director, Prof Mini Shaji Thomas during her address congratulated  the students, faculty team of the Designer's consortium, and the 1983  Alumni who working together to design and develop the T-MSVC.She  
specially thanked the Alumni of 1983 batch for funding the project and  for their motivation and continuous guidance throughout. She also  thanked the support of the Hon. Commissioner, Mr Ravichandran and  
Sanitary Inspector, Mr.Parasuraman of the Trichy Corporation.

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