Thursday, 12 December 2019

Priyaank Sharma relives fond childhood memories

Priyaank Sharma relives fond childhood memories 
with cousins Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhanth Kapoor

Actress Padmini Kolhapure’s son Priyaank Sharma is all setto make his Bollywood debut with Karan Vishwanath Kashyap’s Sab Kushal Mangal. Whilethe budding actor is gearing up for the release of his upcoming rom-comalongside newbie Riva Kishan and Akshaye Khanna, the fact that he is a star-kidnever bothered him.
Even though he was inclined towards dramatics since he wasin school, Priyaank only decided to become an actor after a detailed discussion with his parents, Padmini Kolhapure and producer Tutu Sharma. Talking about the topics his parents would discuss with him on a daily basis, he says, “I watched films and mimicked actors but conversations with mom and dad were about studies,food and what one was doing.”
Priyaank further went on to reveal how he never missed having a sibling of own as his cousins and actors Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhanth Kapoor have always been there for him. Talking about how protective they are,he said, “I have never missed having a sibling of my own, because Shraddha and Siddhanth were always there for me. They are very protective of me and call up every other day to check on me”. 
He further added that they used to dance during family gatherings, “It was more in the Michael Jackson and Sridevi zone,and even today, we perform when together.”
Getting nostalgic, Priyaank revealed that their childhoodused to revolve around Michael Jackson, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Referringto a picture of him and Siddhanth posing against a Salman Khan poster, Priyaankshares, “This was in bhaiyya’s room; he has Bollywood posters up on his walls.Our childhood was all about MJ, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. We kept getting clicked with their posters.”
Priyaank also revealed that his wish-list is a family film with his entire khandaan— mom Padmini, cousins Siddhanth and Shraddha, auntsTejaswini and Shivangi, uncle Shakti Kapoor and his dad as a producer.

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