Monday, 20 January 2020

Ekaika’ – One stop fashion destination for women!!!

‘Ekaika’ – One stop fashion destination for women!!!

Elegant, simple and comfortable – Women have always preferred dolling up with attires of these criteria. Be it teens, college going girls, middle aged women rambling between the age group of 18-80yrs, they have preferred fashionable prinks with these constituents.  Naturally, as the famous proverb goes - The dress you wear must introduce itself to others about who are you? It has become a mandatory factor of cherry picking the right costumes. However, the current generation has pre-fixed the word ‘Dress’ with ‘Fashionable’.  Apparently, the metropolitan city’s most celebrated ‘Ekaika’ has been savouring their tastes with a posh élan.

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Much alike the word  ‘Ekaika’ sounding unique, so happens to be brand  that showcases wide range of fashionable attires with top-notch dress quality.

Ms. Sangeetha Narayanan, proprietor of this company says, “Hailing from a middle class family background, I have spent the past 5 selling attires for women including saris. Significantly, I received the warmth love of happy customers and with their unconditional support, the urge of embarking on a new journey with a new brand and that’s how the origin of ‘Ekaika’ happened. “Ekaika means Uniqueness and my pursuit was based on finding some unparalleled dress materials. I visualized the end product and how well it would befittingly find a good reception from customers at an affordable price.
Cotton saris, silk saris, chudidars, blouse and lots more dress materials are available at Ekaika. I strongly believe in the customers’ satisfaction and accordingly have created the designer saris and other attires offering them a discount from 10%-20%. To make the shopping experience of our customers much easier, we have online sales as well in addition to catering their needs through Whatsapp and Instagram. Furthermore, we take care of GST and courier charges for online orders and earliest deliveries to the customers at their doorsteps. I can assure that ‘Ekaika’ is a one stop destination for the ones, who want to adorn themselves with distinctly elegantly fashionable attires.”
P.S. We undertake the special designing works for blouses. In addition, school uniforms and other sewing related services to students at a low and reasonable cost are also offered through Ekaika.

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