Friday, 24 April 2020

12 Rajasthani girls defeated the lockdown to do a virtual Ghoomar

12 Rajasthani girls defeated the lockdown to do a virtual Ghoomar dance medley and the results are colourful ! 


When Rajasthani singer Rajnigandha Shekhawat put a post on her social media 2 days after the big lockdown announcement, asking intrested ladies to become part of her upcoming music video she was inundated with requests but everyone had the same question - when and where will the shoot happen in these impossible times?! 

The answer lay in a lot of coordination, pre planning, foresight and out of the box creative thinking. 

Presenting the  Rajasthani original Ghumar dance medley by Rajnigandha Shekhawat 

12 Rajasthani girls from various parts of the world, came together, virtually, to do the Ghumar from the safety of their own homes, in self shot videos! Some of these personal homes also happen to be forts! 

Girls from age of 5 years and above, dressed in their finest poshaks, traditional Rajasthani finery, from Jaipur, Danta fort, Udaipur, Ujjain,  United Kingdom and more, brought their best Ghoomar moves to the dance floor in this 10-min long medley that's a riot of Rajasthani colours and joy! 

8 of the most popular folk songs have been woven together in a 10 min long medley that goes seamlessly from one hit to the next without breaking the dance beat, for the convenience of those who like to dance uninterrupted, specially in big fat indian weddings. Or when they are at home with nothing to do during the lockdown ! 

The song arrangement, video shoot, edit and release have entirely been done remotely, and virtually via the internet. 

"All I'm going to say is, that's Corona Virus - 0 and Rajasthani girls - 12, we're winning this game hands down" said Rajnigandha Shekhawat about her innovative release. 



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