Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Alumni of NIT Tiruchirappalli responds to COVID-19

While the COVID 19 outbreak has spread across the globe, the alumni of NIT-T have been working at large in curbing the effects of the pandemic such as early detection, facility management, provision of face masks and thanksgiving to the underprivileged people.

To name a few, Mr.B.N.Manohar (ECE , 1977 batch), Mr.S.K.Ramesh, (ECE, 1981), K.R. Sridhar (Mechanical Engineering, 1982), Dr. Venkat Venkataraman(Chemical Engineering, 1982), Mr. Madhumohan Sreeram, (Chemical Engineering, 1982), Mr. Richard Sekar (Production Engineering, 1983), Ms. Sapna Behar (EEE, 1990),  Rear Admiral Sreekumar Nair (ECE, 1986), Mr. Surya Sankar (EEE, 2010), Ms.Archana Hari (Production Engineering, 2003), Mr.RB Ramesh, (Mechanical Engineering, 1991) were the first respondents of COVID-19.

Stempeutics, an Indian stem cell company has tied up with the global consortium of stem cell companies to come out with a potent drug for end-stage coronavirus patients.  The CEO of Stempeutics, Mr.B.N.Manohar conveyed that Stempeutics will be supplying clinical-grade MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells: multipotent stem cells found in the bone marrow that are important for making and repairing skeletal tissues).

To cater to the requirement of oxygen supply for multiple patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Admiral Superintendent Sreekumar Nair and his team from Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam has designed an innovative ''portable multi-feed oxygen manifold (MOM)'' using a six-way radial header fitted to a single cylinder.  This is essential, when the existing hospital facilities for critical care management becomes limited and there arises the scope for catering multiple patients.

Mr. Surya Sankar, an alumnus of NIT-Tiruchirappalli working as VP of Engineering - Software Division Printo group of companies, has started using its production units to prepare and sell various personal protection equipment like Face gears, masks, gloves etc. They have been packing these products into ‘easy to distribute’ safety kits and selling them to various governmental and non-governmental organizations at a nominal cost.

While many organisations and institutes have been working on how to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus and contain them, Ms.Archana hari, an alumna of NIT-Tiruchirappalli has initiated the fund collection among the community of Zone 13 (Adyar and nearby areas Chennai) to contribute to the street workers protecting Chennai Streets during COVID19. Similarly Mr.RB Ramesh, who is the Founder of The New Life Trust, Chengalpet District, Tamilnadu, and his team of friends have
been providing groceries to daily wages, civil workers, migrant labourers, tribal and leprosy families; water bottle and biscuits to police personnel in and around Chengalpet District, Tamilnadu.

Alumni of NIT Tiruchirappalli has also contributed to the COVID-19 crisis outside India too.

Mr.S.K.Ramesh, the Director of AIMS2 program at CSU Northridge responded to the situation through Prof. Bingbing Li, a faculty member of the program in the manufacture of PPE for first responders and front line workers combating the COVID19 pandemic in Los Angeles. Bloom Energy, founded by Tamil Nadu, India-native K.R. Sridhar, in San Jose, California, has taken the call on refurbishing around 1000 numbers of broken ventilators and has supported the medical system by partnering with Stanford Health Care. Under the leadership of Mr. Madhumohan Sreeram, the Chief Innovation Officer of Dulsco, a system for mass disinfection of the community at large as a measure to combat and arrest the spread of COVID -19 has been demonstrated to the municipality of Dubai and has been put into action on the same day.

Life Signals has partnered with Icarus Nova to Design and Prototype Biosensor based wireless patches meant for the continuous monitoring of patients in the quarantine environment and is now being fast tracked for launch in the US markets.Ms.Sapna Behar an alumna of NIT Tiruchirappalli is the Director and Founder at IcarusNova.

Mr. Richard Sekar contributed to a report on building Make Shift tent hospital, with 20 beds, in 4 hours, at a cost of about $4200 or roughly Rs.3.0 Lakhs. Also Mr. Richard Sekar has mobilised the local community to sew/stitch Facial masks and has donated a total of 371 Facial Cloth Masks to hospital in the Bay Area, US.

Dr. Mini Shaji Thomas appreciated their efforts and conveyed that NIT Tiruchirappalli is always proud of the various contributions of its illustrious alumni in various sectors.


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