Saturday, 16 May 2020

Ahead of the T-Series & RED FM

Ahead of the T-Series & RED FM The Care Concert Adnan Sami's

daughter wonders why her dad inspects his grand piano 25 times

in a day from different angles

Of the many artists that are performing at the T-Series and RED FM organized The Care Concert is none other than Padma Shri Adnan Sami. Like several others he too is busy prepping up for April 11, 6 pm where some of the best music stars of this country will be taking part in a unique digital initiative. Through this concert Adnan like others from his home will appeal to music lovers to donate whatever best in their capacity to the PM Cares Fund to fight the current Coronavirus pandemic. The concert would be streamed on YouTube and Facebook handles of both T-Series and RED FM.
The celebrated pianist and vocalist is sure to give you your expected dose of entertainment. Going by past experience, he is guaranteed to enthrall music lovers. Most musicians, when performing for a concert are used to everything being taken care of for them by a technical team. In the current scenario, because of the nationwide lockdown, this is for the first time they are trying to figure out how to put their best act with limited help just like how Australian country singer Keith Urban and his wife actor Nicole Kidman recently did through a short and sweet performance from their warehouse. The concert was viewed by fans on a social media account last month after the entire world came under lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Talking about his preparations, Adnan confidently informs, "Luckily for me, when I was twelve years-old, my father had gifted me a home studio. I had no choice but to engineer. That's how my technical knowledge became strong." But figuring out the shooting part is still a bit of challenge which Adnan is now settling down with, this being his first digital concert. Well for starters, he didn't have to break his head on which part of his home is going to be a world stage on April 11. 
The interesting story about that is that Adnan being an accomplished concert pianist, a few years ago had first things first locked in the placement of his Grand Piano when he was doing up the interior of his plush apartment in the western suburb of Mumbai. His diktat to the interior designer was, “This is where the paino is going to be. Now, you figure out where you want everything else to be."  So Adnan's performance space is locked. Still, at home his two-and-half -year-old daughter Medina can often be seen looking at how things are moving around the house in a quizzical manner. Says Adnan, "She is perceptive to the hustle and bustle in the last few days. She is probably wondering, why her Baba, who doesn't take her out anymore, is looking at the same piano, which has been around for some years from different angles 25 times in a day. What's the big deal?"   
Lastly Adnan says while he was aware of various performing artists doing different things through their social media handles to maintain an interaction with the audience, he preferred to lie low. So how did he come on board for the T-Series and RED FM The Care concert? He says, "I had been reading about the current scenario, the general economic crunch and the plight of the migrant workers. At the same time T-Series and RED FM approached me for this noble initiative to perform, whereby we would be able to generate funds for the PM Cares Fund, I was delighted with the larger humanitarian cause of this whole initiative and I agreed instantly."

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