Monday, 25 May 2020

IndiGo plans on flying more than 200 daily flights until

IndiGo plans on flying more than 200 daily flights until May 31, 2020. Our customers can be assured that any flight that is on sale during this period is compliant to the latest Covid-19 guidelines issued yesterday night by the different states. 

Our schedule also takes in to account that some stations could only be opened at a later stage due to certain constraints imposed by different airports and states. IndiGo’s flight operations will support more than 20,000 passengers to be home by tonight. 

IndiGo operations ran smoothly and as o
f today afternoon, 85% of our flights have reached their final destination within 30minutes of scheduled arrival time. There were no major delays or any other disruptions.
IndiGo is ensuring to provide courteous and hassle-free travel experience for its passengers by following additional measures including: 
 1. Website updated with all state requirements and SOPs for travel 

2. Multiple mock drills for the staff whereas to facilitate the new guidelines for flying 
Due to the change in state guidelines affected passengers were provided flexibility to either rebook on alternate flights or transfer their complete booking amount into credit shells for future bookings.

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