Monday, 18 May 2020

Tata Trusts and their health campaign on

Tata Trusts and their health campaign on COVID-19 in Tamil Nadu.

1.      Tata Trusts has begun a state-wide community outreach through a series of video and audio messages to encourage adoption of health practices as promoted by the Government of India, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

2.      These messages are publicly available on the Trusts’ social media platforms for any organisation to download and use. They have made publicly available through social media about 300 such videos and audio messages, in different languages including Tamil.

3.      This exercise is expected to have already reached about 2 lakh people in the state. 

4.      Well-known celebrities like Mr P. Vasu, Director; Mrs. Latha Rajinikanth, Producer & Philanthropist;
Ms. Rathna, News Presenter, SUN TV; Mr. Arul Mani, Actor; Mr. Deepak, Television Anchor; and Mr. S. P. Raja, Serial Actor, have lent their support with video and audio messages.

a.      Here is a short video showcasing the importance of following the guidelines set by the government by Mr P. Vasu, Director 

b.      Film producer & playback singer Latha Rajinikanth speaking on respiratory etiquette (in Tamil)

c.       Tamil actor, Mr. Arul Mani, speaks why we should practice social distancing: 

d.      Actor Deepak Dinkar on the importance of washing hands properly to combat Coronavirus: 

e.      S P Raja on how early recognition of symptoms helps in seeking timely medical assistance (in Tamil): 

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