Monday, 18 May 2020

With malaria & dengue cases on the rise, get the most natural

With malaria & dengue cases on the rise, get the most natural protection against mosquitoes with Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti

Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti (incense stick), from India’s home insecticide category market leader Goodknight, is a natural solution to effectively repel mosquitoes. The months beginning from March till September are when mosquitoes are at their peak leading to cases of malaria & dengue. To empower families against these deadly mosquito-borne diseases, Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti with 100% natural ingredients provides a three-hour long protection from all kinds of mosquitoes. This 100% solution against mosquitoes is priced reasonably at INR 15/- for each pack containing 10 incense sticks. 

·         100% natural ingredients – Neem and Turmeric
·         Longer agarbatti burns for 3 hours
·         Pleasant natural fragrance
·         Affordable & effective solution against mosquitoes

Infused with nature’s two most potent natural ingredients – Neem and Turmeric, Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti emits a pleasant natural fragrance and releases less smoke. It offers effective protection for your family and is completely safe for everyday use.

Goodknight with its mission of protecting each and every citizen from vector-borne diseases across the country, has always offered superior, affordable and safe solutions. With the launch of Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti, the brand is empowering Indians to fight against the menace of mosquitoes with a 100% natural solution.

Households buy repellents, liquid vapourisers, coils as well as incense sticks offering protection from mosquitoes. Incense sticks are affordable, easy to use and is increasingly used by the masses. However, many unauthorized manufacturers are now making these incense sticks. 

They use harmful chemicals and pesticides that are not approved by the government. Using illegal pesticide-laced mosquito repellent incense sticks cause multiple health disorders, bronchitis, asthma, reactive airways disease and other respiratory ailments. Thus, people should use only approved, safe incense sticks of reputed brands such as Goodknight Naturals Neem Agarbatti. 

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