Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Thepoem was completely unplanned

“Thepoem was completely unplanned; it just came right from my

heart,” KhushaliKumar talks about her poem Normal Days

After John Abraham’s Mera Bharat Mahan,Sonu Sood’s Bharat Ek Saath Hai, and Manoj Bajpayee’s Bhagwan Aur Khuda, musiclabel T-Series has now released ‘Normal Days’, penned by actor-model-fashiondesigner Khushali Kumar, the daughter of Shri. Gulshan Kumar.
Through her poem,Khushali Kumar has enlightened every aspect of this critical situation bytalking about our mothers, the frontline Coronavirus warriors, the migrantworkers and most importantly nature and the urgent need to live in harmony withit.
Elaborating about her poem, Khushali Kumar says, “The the entire world has been in anunpredictable situation and yes, it is tough but not permanent. Our formernormal days will surely come back and we should remember to respect and valueevery minute of our life going forward.”
She further adds, “Thiswas not an attempt to write a poem. We all need a way to express ourselves andfor me, poetry is a way to channelise my thoughts. It was completely unplanned;it just came right from my heart.”
Featuring KhushaliKumar, the video is directed by Mohan S Vairaag while the music is composed andproduced by Jigar Panchal and Chirag Panchal. ‘Normal Days’ is out now onT-Series’ YouTube channel.

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