Saturday, 11 July 2020

Monsoon Essentials You Need

Monsoon Essentials You Need This Season

Culottes, these three-fourth pants are perfect for the rainy season. The comfortable design and length prevents the bottom edges from getting wet easily. Pair these with a colourful top or kurti and you have yourself a simple yet chic look.
Price – 1,799

Have a work meeting in the day and a casual dinner at night? This full sleeve semi-formal top is just the piece you need in your closet. Versatile pieces of clothing are the key to monsoon fashion. Price – 1,699

Made from organic and paraben free ingredients, this conditioner strengthens and moisturizes the hair, making it soft, shiny and manageable. Price – INR 695
Most of us carry a whole load of knick-knacks in our handbags. However, searching for one thing while scrambling through the rest can be quite a task. What better solution, than a transparent water-resistant shoulder bag that makes it easy to find just what you are looking for. Price - INR 1,099

Made from black PVC with an anti-skid sole, these ballerina flats are not just comfortable, but will also prevent you from slipping in the rain. Pair these with some gold accessories and a belt to match the buckle and you are good to go. Price – INR 2,500

Monsoon Essentials You Need This Season
While raincoats and windcheaters may seem unattractive, choosing a good cover-up to protect yourself from the rain is very important. A mid-length rain like this one is exactly what you need to stay protected and look stylish at the same time. Price – 1,499

The monsoon season is officially here and with this comes a time to update your wardrobe and haircare routines. While heavy downpours and mucky puddles can make dressing up a challenge, here are some monsoon friendly tips from Flipkart to keep your favourite looks from getting ruined in the rain.

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