Friday, 11 September 2020

Positivity during the Pandemic

Positivity during the Pandemic– Director Gautam Menon in conversation with
Shri Shri Ravishankar on this week’s Sinthanaigal Simplified
~ Tune into COLORS Tamil this Sunday at 11 a.m. to watch an interesting
exchange of thoughts in this week’s episode ~

Get ready to get a lot of your questions answered. as COLORS Tamil brings yet another intriguing episode of Sinthanaigal Simplified with Gurudev. Presenting its version of Manjal Veyil Malai, COLORS Tamil is all set to bring together the charismatic Director Gautam Vasudev Menon (GVM) in a heartfeld conversation with Shri Shri Ravishankar where they question and mull over finding happiness in chaos. Tune to the latest episode this Sunday, 13th September 2020 at 11:00 AM, to watch GVM picking Gurudev’s brain on balancing a myriad of emotions during the pandemic and a lot more. While you get ready to unwind and catch the show, we present you a quick round-up of what’s in store: 

A crisis is an opportunity: As Gurudev sets a positive opening note to the conversation by sharing insights on experimenting with Ayurvedic practices, GVM engages in a deep meaningful conversation on viewing every crisis as an opportunity to stay positive and training the mind to overcome fear. His take away from Gurudev’s insights, especially during a pandemic, is to guide the mind in a gentle manner to stay positive and view everything on a lighter note. 

Meditation 101: The course of the conversation takes interesting strides and touches upon aligning body, mind, and soul through the regular practices of meditation. As GVM gets Gurudev talking about his passion for meditation as medication for healing the world, they ponder over controlling suicidal thoughts, which are on the rise. GVM and Gurudev engage in a conversation about introducing meditation at a school level as part of physical education to help students find the middle ground between aggression and depression. 

Dealing with COVID Stigma: Societal stigma around the health crisis has a negative impact. As GVM opens up about dealing with stigmas and mental challenges associated with it, Guruji urges people to stay positive and to be inclusive. Drawing parallels to how TB was treated a few years back until a cure was found, Gurudev and GVM strongly resonate that patience is a key during a pandemic. 

Pause, don’t panic:  As we speak of the new normal with masks and sanitizers, Gurudev shares his observation on how nature has taken this time to heal itself and bring back its glory. GVM and Guruji agree that if nature has taken this time to heal, the pandemic has helped humans to slow down a little bit and be grateful about small things around us. 

This episode of Sinthanaigal Simplified certainly has its share of heart-warming moments. One such surprise in store is GVM's Mother, an ardent follower of Gurudev making a special appearance to share her spiritual experience. That’s not all, the episode also has in store GVM crooning few lines of a soon to be launched song from is an upcoming movie with Music Director Harris Jeyaraj on request by Gurudev. 

Following last week's interesting conversation of Gurudev with multi-talented Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, this week's episode will keep you glued to your television sets with intense moments.  Catch all this and more on Sinthanaigal Simplified with Gurudev on Sunday, 13th September 2020 at 11:00 AM only on COLORS Tamil channel.

OLORS Tamil is available on all leading cable networks and on all DTH platforms - Sun Direct (CH NO 128), Tata Sky (CHN NO 1555), Airtel (CHN NO 763), Dish TV (CHN NO 1808) and Videocon D2H (CHN NO 553).


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