Saturday, 17 October 2020

Talk to me

Talk to me:

Talk to me is a song composed by Babushankar an established ad film director and composer. After two decades of directing and scoring music for hundreds of tv commercials with leading celebrities like Surya, Madhavan,MaheshBabu, Nayanthara etc he has now ventured out to do an indie song.

This song is distributed by Divo Movies.

This song, simply put, asks people to TALK. In this stressful period of the pandemic people need someone. Someone who will listen.

Definitely someone somewhere is willing and waiting to listen. This song asks people to reach out and trust that person. Don’t bottle up. Don’t suffer in silence. Ask help.

This song gives out a positive message with anupbeat and happy tune sung by some big names.

Benny, Blaaze, Chinmayee, Mugen Rao, Sunitha Sarathy and the composers daughter Madhumitha.

Babushankar has written and composed the song and has also directed the video.

So what’s the problem brother ?

Go search for the song ( “PESU”) on You Tube.

Listen to the song. Sing it . Share it . Groove to it  !!!

Now listen to someone who wants to speak to you.

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