Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Priyanka and Sibbu get back to routine, encourage fans to focus

 Priyanka and Sibbu get back to routine, encourage fans to focus
on personal hygiene and safety


The importance of hygiene and sanitation cannot be stressed enough during these times. People are increasingly choosing products that offer all-round protection to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. Tamil Nadu’s most-loved onscreen couple, Priyanka and Sibbu, have also been taking precautions throughout the lockdown. As the Roja stars celebrate their on-screen anniversary, they share an important message of sanitizing oneself after coming home from work. 



The film showcases the chemistry between Priyanka Nalkari and Sibbu Suryan as they celebrate their anniversary.  Sibbu gives Priyanka a bouquet of roses which she refuses and tells him that he first needs to shower using Cinthol Health Plus, the germ protection soap. Sibbu points out that the soap has a ‘hospital like’ smell that ruins the experience. Priyanka coaxes him, saying the Cinthol Health Plus soap not only comes with 99.9% germ protection and but also has a pleasant fragrance. The film ends with him enjoying his refreshing bath and then, the couple celebrating their anniversary.


Priyanka Nalkari, the lead actress of Roja, said, “All of us wish to safeguard our loved ones to the best extent possible and use products that help with this. Cinthol is a legacy brand and something that I’ve grown up using. I’m so thrilled that I have associated with Cinthol Health Plus to spread such an important message. With this new and improved Cinthol Health Plus, I am assured, that it not only ensures my family’s all-round protection but also creates a wonderful experience with the pleasant fragrance.”

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