Tuesday, 23 February 2021

BlockChain App Factory launches - Sentient Software Solutions and Viral Vector

BlockChain App Factory launches, Sentient Software Solutions and Viral Vector

BlockChain App Factory launches - Sentient Software Solutions and Viral Vector. Sentient Software Solutions is a boutique research and development firm being part of BlockChain App Factory with 300+ strong IT services headed by Ramkumar, Loganathan, Arjun and Kameshwaran. Where they provide software development services including Web and Mobile Application development, Offshore and Onshore development, staffing etc.

They have been working on Sentient Software Solutions since September 2020.

Viral Vector App is a global short video creation application which helps us create short music videos with their magic filters becoming famous on global platforms.

Click here for Blockcahin App Launch Video:



India as a country, is known as a service focused IT giant. Very few of its IT companies dared to innovate and felt comfortable to remain as someone who moved things along an already paved path instead of trailblazing what already existed.

Their flagship offering is a No-Code Blockchain App Development Platform that can reduce the cost of decentralised application development by 85%. Similar to OutSystems and Mendix but for Blockchain, this product is a timely innovation when the world is reluctantly embracing decentralisation of legal tender as well as generic data.

About Sentient Software Solutions :

Sentient Software Solutions, with its inventory of solutions to address the business needs of a post Covid world, have recruited scientists in Blockchain and AI areas. The main focus of Sentient is to provide innovative, yet quality solutions to their clients. They help you uncover loopholes and solve the problem efficiently in a short span of time they have filed patent applications, launched multiple apps and created templatic blockchain solutions to work with Financial Organizations, Governments, Startups and Fortune 500 companies.

It remains to be seen if they can leverage their acute market perception and reach the same growth factor in this innovative endeavor as their tried and tested services field. It will be good to have another $1 Billion IT firm to come from Chennai.

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