Friday, 12 February 2021

Galaxy urges consumers to choose the pleasure in


~ Launches Ad Films That Highlight The Pleasure Of Being Oneself Over The Pressure Of Being Perfect 

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, GALAXY® from Mars Wrigley has launched a series of ad films highlighting the brand proposition, ‘Choose Pleasure’. Pop-culture portrays Valentine’s Day  as an occasion depicting perfect couples exchanging extraordinary gifts. But contrary to popular perceptions and the many expectations associated with it, GALAXY® urges its consumers to choose the pleasure of being yourself instead of giving into the pressure of being perfect. 

The film showcases a couple on a Valentine’s day date where the woman gifts her significant other a card with a not so perfect drawing on it. While her boyfriend seems to judge the card initially, they break into a laugh and the film ends with a voice over of the lady saying, “There is so much pressure to be perfect. My pleasure is in just being myself”.

Talking about the films, Mr. Kalpesh R Parmar, General Manager, Mars Wrigley, India, said “Valentine’s Day is a great moment for chocolate consumption but it has it has increasingly become the norm across the world that this day needs to be about extraordinary efforts of showcasing your love. We wanted GALAXY® to break away from the conventional trends and connect with the consumers with something more meaningful. While Valentine’s Day celebrates love, there is no love greater than loving oneself and being true in your expression of love, and we built this campaign on that simple premise. The films highlight the brand proposition, ‘Choose Pleasure’ in a unique manner and we are confident that it will make our consumers smile.”

The films have been launched in 6 languages across TV and social media platforms and can be viewed here- English | Hindi |Kannada| Tamil | Malayalam | Telugu


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