Sunday, 21 February 2021

The Laughing Budda Premium Boutique Tattoo Studio of Mallika Angela unveiled

The Laughing Budda Premium Boutique Tattoo Studio of Mallika Angela unveiled by Fashion Photographer G.Venkat Ram & Actress Upasana RC at Alwarpet

Laughing Budda Tattoo Shop owned by Actress, Tattoo Artist and Body Positivity Influencer Mallika Angela Chaudhuri, opened its second branch in Alwarpet TTK Road, right off First Cross Street. The launch went spectacularly well with people from all facets of society joined in to welcome the new Tattoo Shop. 

The main highlight of the event was that Mr G Venket Ram’s Tattoo photoshoot that occurred during the lockdown was unveiled on large four foot canvas prints by Actress Upasana RC. Mr G Venket Ram was the guest of honor and stated, “I am so happy to be a part of this launch and the unveiling of these photographs because we are becoming part of a huge change and of course to be here for her second Tattoo Shop as well!”

Laughing Budda Tattoo Shop Alwarpet is a boutique studio catered to the tattoo lovers of the city and also teaches the art by taking onboard up to three apprentices or students at a time.  

Amongst the crowd was Actress Prerna Khanna and Shubbha; many bloggers and Instagram models and influencers, Shwetha Agarwal, Dimpy’s Corner, Ghun Jain, Richita, Meera, to name a few.There were also tattoo artists Suraj and Kunal Solanki and well-wishers showed up to grace the event and support the female owned tattoo studio and the powerful body positivity activist Mallika. Satish Jupiter, Rubeena Afrose, Dhrishti Khanna, Moumita Roy, Chaitanya, Roshni Hemdev and many socialites also attended. 

“The idea behind this place is to not only expand but also to grow our vision and spread as much as positivity as we can through Art and a space that Is focused on positive vibes and acceptance of our bodies. Tattooing is an extremely emotional experience that lasts a lifetime!” States Mallika, after three years of owning her flag ship store in ECR running through out 2020 and the overwhelming response from clients all over Chennai, she decided to start a second branch in the center of the city. 

Mallika is the lead tattoo artist and has two other artists working and trained under her guidance, the tattoo shop will be working on prior appointment basis due to Covid 19 and also takes utmost care for hygiene and will be available on all days of the week. Every form of tattooing is done at the studio but the uniqueness of Laughing Budda Tattoos is the vibrance of its owner and the impressive designs she creates with each tattoo enthusiast! 

The beautiful Canvas print shot by G Venket Ram of her full body tattoo by renowned artist Gauri Shanker Mistry will be showcased only in the Alwarpet Studio, you can go visit and see the great piece of work in person! 

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