Monday, 26 April 2021

The Thief Bar & Kitchen celebrated the

 The Thief Bar & Kitchen celebrated the successful launch and grand opening of their first ever outlet in Nungambakkam, Chennai on 22nd April. The festive, socially distanced event was attended by the whose who of Chennai including city’s top socialites and celebrities. The grand launch witnessed a sizzling fashion show put together by veteran fashion director Vignesh Chandrasekar along with some peppy music spinning by DJ Dominic. 

A place where spirits, food and fun collide, The Thief Bar & Kitchen is looking to offer an eclectic bar experience to the elite and exotic side of Chennai. The resto-bar will house the perfect combination of food, drinks, entertainment and comfort. Located in the upper-class area of Nungambakkam amidst famous designer stores and boutiques, right in the heart of Chennai, the Thief Bar and Kitchen automatically attracts a taste specific and vibrant crowd.

The idea of the name ‘Thief Bar and Kitchen’ originated from the bar being made increasingly glamorous yet comfortable enough to leave the customers with an urge of stealing something from the arena. This kind of interior has not been seen before in a restaurant set up, and hence makes people want to take away parts of it to keep it in their homes. It radiates a vibe of sheer sophistication with an all-black, gold and green theme along with unique and elegant designs for the furniture. 


This brainchild of Mr. Hari Chandran and Mr. Lakshmana Perumal is a lavishly designed bar which consists of 3 floors including the widely admired rooftop. The 1st floor being the traditional idea of a sit-down restaurant, perfect for a lowkey meal including food and drinks for the purpose of spending memorable moments with family and friends. The 2nd floor is an entire bar area that can be specially reserved for celebrations and parties. It is a wide space that can be rented and is sufficient to accommodate a crowd. The rooftop, as is most people’s favourite part of the set-up, is ideal for pleasant evenings and cool nights right under the sky. It has a live kitchen for people to go and order the food themselves along with an open smoking lounge, giving a beautiful view of the city and the entire area.

To offer the most loved cuisines of the city including Italian, continental and North Indian, we have a team of experienced and talented chefs from 5-star restaurants keeping the quality and the taste of the food highly ranked. We ensure that our vegetables and meats are procured on a daily basis and make our sauces from scratch each day to retain its freshness and serve them with the perfect taste to our customers. 

Some of our immensely loved specialities include the famous thin crust pizza, homemade pasta and the beef lovers’ steak. The Thief Bar and Kitchen, as the name suggests, broadens its specialities from a wide range of in-house cocktails and beers, to a substantial collection of wines and exclusive single malt Scotch, suitable for all tastes and preferences. 

Increasing the popularity of this bar, are an array of entertainment options including live bands playing soulful music and famous DJs making one tap their feet on vibrant tracks, in turn rising the excitement of the entire bar and having a wave of crowd swaying to their tunes. Hosted by the bar itself, these talented artists and DJs will have performances open for everybody in the bar to enjoy.

A hub for all age groups, this bar’s chic atmosphere makes it hard for people to not visit it again. Serving an experience of dining and partying in plush atmosphere and formal service, the taste of the food and style of the drinks add on to people’s lists of favorite items that they can’t miss out on. 

All of these aspects bundled up in 3 floors with suitable, yet affordable prices, makes it a one-of-a-kind spot in the city. The most delectable cuisines, cutting-edge interior, foot-tapping music, wide variety of drinks and stylish service, all combined are set in gear to make the Thief bar and kitchen the new talk of the town. 


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