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 பட தயாரிப்பிற்கு முன்னதாக பாடலை வெளியிட்ட Revgen Film Factory தயாரிப்பு நிறுவனம் !!!  தமிழ் திரையுலகில் கால்பதிக்கும் தயாரிப்பு நிறுவனமான R...

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Tea titled ‘This International Tea Day, experience holistic rejuvenation with

Tea  titled  This International Tea Day, experience holistic rejuvenation with
Sublime House of Tea’s exquisite offerings!


Link to download the images:  https://we.tl/t-Svg2UChAIo

This International Tea Day, experience holistic rejuvenation with
Sublime House of Tea’s exquisite offerings!

In celebration of the upcoming 16th International Tea Day, Sublime House of Tea, part of the Prestige Group, has turned tea-drinking into a coveted experience by curating an invigorating and refreshing range from its galaxy of over 20,000 distinctive tea variants and creative infusions from across the world. 

A common household drink, Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. While May 21st may seem like an arbitrary date chosen by United Nations, the significance of celebrating in May is that tea productions begin in May in most tea-producing countries. Tea is known for its relaxing and therapeutic benefits. As the month of May also signifies Mental Health Awareness month, what better way to destress than with this century-old potion.  

Sublime House of Tea presents fine varieties of tea in exotic flavours such as Nilgiris Bop, Blissful Blue, Pure Chamomile, Saffron Turmeric Tea and Strawberry tea will revitalise your senses from the moment the silken pyramidal tea-bags are immersed in hot water. 

                                                                           Rejuvenating Mint : PRICE: INR 550

                                                             Blissful Blue A Sublime Signature  PRICE: INR 650

Imagine the sand in your feet, wind in your hair and the deep blue ocean that not just soothes your body but also your mind. What if this feeling is captured in a cup of tea and every sip reminds you of the soothing ocean blues? Our Blissful Blue Tea blend does exactly that! 

                                                                                Mellow Mango PRICE: INR 650

A zero-caffeine infusion of naturally grown, pesticide-free real chunks of mango with herbs and green tea from the Nilgiris. Widely acclaimed for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, mango gives you the best of taste and health in a sip 

                                                                        White Sparkle     PRICE: INR 650   

This blend consists of handpicked peony white tea leaves. White tea is packed with polyphenols, which have antioxidant benefits.

                                                            Saffron Turmeric Tea          PRICE: INR 450 

Nicknamed the ‘sunshine spice’, saffron is armed with health benefits and high on its mood enhancing abilities  

Soothing Strawberry Tea PRICE: INR 550 

A zero-caffeine infusion, this brew can be had hot or cold and gives you the flavor and delight of strawberries in a mug. 

                                                                                        Pure Chamomile PRICE: INR 600 

Close your eyes and transport yourself to a floral herb garden filled with gentle notes of apple and mellow, honey-like sweetness in the air. With every sip of our all natural – Chamomile Tea, you get this very exact feeling. Splendid, isn’t it?  

Nilgiris Bop PRICE: INR 250
Waking up to that strong smell of tea brewing and later served with milk in bed is what an ideal morning needs to look like! Don’t you agree? Now it could be a dream come true as you bring home the Nilgiri Bop blend. 

Head over to www.sublimehouseoftea.com and delight your senses with tingling aroma & unique taste of Sublime House of Tea’s product bouquet!


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