Monday, 14 June 2021

English Enrichment Sessions at


A virtual session on 'Reading and Spelling using phonics' in the series EASY ENGLISH by Mrs. Shalini Devi Ramanathan, Founder and Director, Phonics Power, began from 7th June, 2021 at 6pm everyday at the Velammal Nexus YouTube channel.

The sessions highlighted on jolly phonics, which is a fun and child centered  approach to learn and master the key skills of reading and writing from an early age.

The next part of the sessions was on the 42 letter sounds parallel to their learning 26 alphabets in English with various examples which were also practiced simultaneously, giving a headstart to good pronunciation and reading.

By the end of the session the students were quite familiar with sounds of the alphabets and how to blend words together.

The session on jolly phonics attracted several thousands of viewers as it provided the right tool kit to improve the core skills in English.

Stay tuned for more  upcoming sessions in EASY ENGLISH.

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