Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Sankalp Beautiful World and Save

                            Sankalp Beautiful World and Save Shakti Foundation
                                feeds street animals during covid lockdown

With Covid Second wave hitting very hard and Government declaring lockdown most of the street Animals have been left unattended. Sankalp Beautiful World in association with Pedigree India has taken up the initiative to feed the voiceless during lockdown.

Pedigree India has donated 3.5 tons of dog and cat food to Sankalp Beautiful World to feed these voiceless during lockdown. Sankalp Beautiful World and Save Shakti Foundations are working together to feed the voiceless since the lockdown started. For last 15 days the volunteers of Sankalp Beautiful World and Save Shakti Foundation have been feeding dogs and cats across Chennai.


You may be aware that consequent to the lock down imposed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there is a drastic reduction in human activity across Chennai. This reduced human activity has resulted in lack of food for the community/ street animals. The lack of food for these community/street animals might result in reduced immune status resulting in death of these poor animals or induce some behavior changes like increased aggression etc. Either way this would be deleterious to the society. Says Goutham Chander, Founder, Sankalp Beautiful World.

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