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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Shabeer Kallarakkal - The Dancing Rose

 Shabeer Kallarakkal    - The Dancing Rose

The Dancing Rose has become the latest talk of Tinsel Town. The character summarizes blatant voice, ruffian attitude sugarcoated with the absolute flow of entertainment. The reel Dancing Rose and the real Shabeer Kallarkkal are chalk of cheese. “Except one factor – Both are highly ambitious,” starts Shabeer, whose inbox is studded with a myriad of acclaims for his outstanding performance as Dancing Rose in Amazon Prime Video’s latest arrival – Sarpatta Parambarai featuring Arya in the lead character. Shabeer is no new to showbiz as he embarked on his journey as a lead actor in 2014 with the movie ‘Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe’.  He pursued his ambitious journey playing the antagonist in a movie titled 54321 (2016) followed by  supporting roles in Petta, Teddy, Adanga Maru, and few more movies. And now, his breakthrough with Sarpatta Parmbarai has won him incredible laurels beyond the boundaries. The YouTube platform is spangled with the ‘Dancing Rose Whatsapp Status’, and the comments signifying the unconditional praises have distinctly proved his stature as a ‘STAR’. Nonetheless, Shabeer remains calm, glad, and serene amidst such a heavy load of appreciations and passes them onto filmmaker Pa. Ranjith. 

“If not for his kind gesture of choosing me for this role, this would have been impossible,” says Shabeer, who continues to add, “He wanted every boxer in the movie to have a unique style and fixed up a real-life inspiring character. Arya’s Kabilan character was based on Muhammad Ali, Vembuli was a tribute to Mike Tyson, and my character – The Dancing Rose was inspired by UK-based boxer Naseem Hameed, who was far-famed for his fluid movements, which almost gives an impression of the dance form. I just watched his videos, took reference, and incorporated my style into.” While the character has stamped up a heavy impact on the audience, it eventually lets us question the phase of rehearsals and preparation. “Since I was cast at the last minute, I missed the 2 months acting and boxing workshop  and landed straight at the sets. Both the director Pa. Ranjith stunt masters AnbAriv gave the creative freedom by accepting my ideas. This helped me a lot to give more life to the Dancing Rose.” 

Shabeer Kallarakkal has inherited the esthetic skills of Kaaladi Kuthu Varasai, which is a mix of Silambam, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Well, the art of winning the audiences wasn’t an overnight task as he had already won the hearts of many while working with Chennai’s The Little Theatre as an actor and a trained clown (professionally trained clown, who performs for patients at hospitals).Besides, he has had training in several arts like Parkour, Kalari, dance classes with Jayanthi master and Black Swan Dance Academy and fight class with Power Pandian master. He is an ardent trekker and has  recently taken up surfing as well

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