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Monday, 16 August 2021

Renowned Indian Photographer Navaneeth Unnikrishnan Releases

 Renowned Indian Photographer Navaneeth Unnikrishnan Releases
Never-Before-Seen Images of New Zealand

Along with photographers from around the world, Navaneeth |
shares his photographic journey through New Zealand

In celebration of World Photography Day (August 19, 2021), Indian photographer Navaneeth Unnikrishnan shared his never-before seen images of New Zealand. An astro-landscape photographer from Kerala, Navaneeth is a self-taught photographer, having learned photography through experimenting and independent study.

From the summit of Aoraki Mt Cook, to the valleys of Matukituki, uncover the landscapes that inspired these photographers and why.

Navaneeth Unnikrishnan – India

Instagram: @navaneeth_unnikrishnan

"This image is more like an artistic painting that takes time and attention to grasp its meaning. In reality, as well, this location deserves a lot of study and realization to understand Nature’s own wonder in creating a unique landscape like this. Orakei Korako Geothermal Park is an amalgamation of geysers, hot springs, mud pools, and other geothermal formations that have their individual elements of beauty which are evident in this aerial shot as well. The vibrant orange with a mix of green, along with patches of blue and the filling white made it attractive."

“One of the magical places in New Zealand is the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Park, with its stunning colours and scenic geothermal elements.  It is an active geothermal area with several hot springs like the one in the aerial image here. I had to capture this location from air, to get it at its best. The surreal landscape with a dramatic steam vent sets up a fantasy world here. For a moment I could not believe the image that I was seeing from this aerial view. The bright aqua colour and the fiery orange, all surrounded by lush green forests, took me to a different world for the moment. Clicking this at sunrise added more features to this image, as the sun lit up parts of it, adding its presence in the moment.”


Let’s gaze upon some awe-inspiring pictures of the natural beauty of New Zealand, captured by other international photographers:

William Patino – New Zealand / Australia

Instagram: @williampatino_photography

"Fiordland is my home and a wild land of unlimited inspiration and areas to explore. Looking at the maps, it was clear that this unnamed beach would hold many great subjects for seascape photography, with a multitude of towers, caves and arches aligning the shores. Camping out for a few days, the weather and light created many amazing moments beside these large sea stacks that call this remote area home."

Mark Clinton – Australia

Instagram: @markclinton

"Snow camping in July can be brutal but the potential of scoring the soft, winter light even if only for a few seconds can make it all worthwhile. We woke to light snow falling above us and with most of the sky in thick cloud I was ready to push the snooze button. There was however a tiny slice of hope on the horizon, a slither of clear sky to the east. Fraser and I got into our gear and quickly skied in opposite directions to get to our angles. You hear photographers say it every winter but that was the most dramatic sunrise I’ve seen still to this day, I promise!"

Lukasz Larsson Warzecha – Sweden

Instagram: @lwimages_studio

"On this particular morning our Epic Trails TV show crew woke up at 2am… quietly excited! We were about to climb Mount Hikurangi and be the first in the world to catch the rays of the new day's sun. We weren't disappointed"

Junji Takasago – Japan

Instagram: @junjitakasago

“Beautiful lupines bloom in November & December around Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie region of New Zealand. The brilliant colors of lupines match with the color of Lake Tekapo and the sky above.

Tekapo has been approved as an International Dark Sky Sanctuary by the International Dark-sky Association. That is why I tried capturing photos of lupines on a dark night in Tekapo. I waited until late in the night, for the milky way to appear behind these lupines. Even at night, the Lupines still shined in their brilliant blue color tones.”

To help you brighten up your work-from-home desk this World Photography Day, here are some scenic virtual backgrounds for you to download and use!

Link to download- https://bit.ly/TourismNewZealand-virtualbackgrounds

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