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Friday, 12 November 2021

As Chennai floods and Vendors refuse to deliver food in the city,

 As Chennai floods and Vendors refuse to deliver food in the city, Gourmet Garden has partnered with Ocean Delight Surfschool to make Deliveries in many areas around the city. 

Gourmet Garden in partnership with Ocean Delight Surfschool has been providing surfboards to our delivery agents and surfing through the Streets to deliver your orders to your doorstep! 

Says Vishal Narayanaswamy, Co-founder, Gourmet Garden, “I have been personally going into areas where the entire ground floor is flooded and people are stuck on upper floors without any food. I urge every grocery service in the city to come out and help in this time of need. We are doing out best with our delivery partners and do hope, nobody has to go without food in these times of crisis.”

Even in the next few days as the stormy weather continues, Gourmet Garden is open for business and accepting your orders. Please share this with your near and dear ones in Chennai who haven't been able to order fresh food essentials. 

About Gourmet Garden 

Gourmet Garden is home to the purest, freshest, and finest tasting veggies, grown with great care in protected zero contamination environments Contamination free food is very difficult to come by. While organic farming has contained pesticide contamination, there are other sorts including soil borne diseases, water contamination, and poor handling through supply chain, all of which make our food less safe and unsuitable for consumption. Further, the food today has limited nutrition and flavour owing to genetic treatment of seeds and inefficient farming practices. At Gourmet Garden, our promise is to provide the freshest, zero contamination leafies and veggies, that are full of flavour and nutrition so you enjoy your healthy meal!


  1. Excellent service when others failed. Appreciate your timely response and assistance to the affected

  2. While everyone is trying to chip in, to help the people affected due to the heavy rains, Gourmet Garden is "surfing it up" with their share of contributions. Keep up the good work.