Thursday, 2 December 2021

Alpha Clean products Launched by

 Alpha Clean products Launched by Puducherry Honourable Speaker R.Selvam, TOSH Associates Santosh Umapathy & Alpha International  President Scott Sproull at Puducherry.

ALPHACLEAN™ INTERNATIONAL LAUNCHES ANTIMICROBIAL PRODUCTS IN INDIA TO FIGHT HARMFUL BACTERIA AND VIRUSES Union of Puducherry Adopts Product Line Proven To Protect Against SARs-CoV-2 And Other Bacterial and Viral Threats.

 AlphaClean International, with its partners Tosh Associates and Thirumalaa Enterprises are excited to announce the selection of their antimicrobial products by the Union of Puducherry to assist in the fight against harmful bacteria and viruses, including SARs-CoV-2. Patented, registered and extensively tested, ALPHACLEAN™ antimicrobial technology kills and prevents the growth and spread of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) between cleanings for up to 90 days.

ALPHACLEAN RTU™ is a water-based antimicrobial surface protectant that is ready to use, right out of the bottle, with no mixing or dilution needed for porous and non-porous surfaces, and on food and non-food contact surfaces. Tested and proven in the United States, Greece and in international laboratories, ALPHACLEAN RTU™ underwent additional testing in a NABL approved, Indian lab to ensure efficacy.

“Although we already have strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place, mitigating the spread of SARs- CoV-2 remains a top priority. In the period following the application of cleaning and disinfection products, bacteria and viruses can grow again on common surfaces and touch points,” said Honorable Dhanavelu, ex-MLA of the Union of Puducherry. “We are excited to use ALPHACLEAN RTU™ to now provide residual protection to help prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses, including SARs-CoV-2.

“We are thrilled to work with Tosh Associates and Thirumalaa Enterprises to bring our impactful antimicrobial products to the government of Puducherry,” shared Scott Sproull, President and Managing Director for AlphaClean International. “We thank them for their tireless and very committed work with the Governmental and testing authorities in India to make this opportunity possible. We applaud the Government of Puducherry for their leading role in bringing ALPHACLEAN™ protection to the people of their union.”

“We are excited to further our commitment in bringing innovative products to the people and businesses of India and we thank the Government of Puducherry for supporting our mission," said Santosh Umapathy, Managing Partner, Tosh Associates. "With the adoption of ALPHACLEAN RTU™ antimicrobial surface protectant, we believe the nation will benefit from this proven technology and strengthen their commitment to reach pre-pandemic levels of normalcy for their citizens."

ALPHACLEAN RTU™ provides residual protection to help prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses, including SARs-CoV-2.  Other products include, ALPHACLEAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer™, a non-alcohol hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria, that is aloe-infused, fragrance free and non-sticky that lasts for up to 6 hours on your hands.  ALPHACLEAN Laundry Shield provides powerful odour control for everyday laundry whether at home or with commercial services.

Alpha Clean products Launched by Puducherry Honourable Speaker Shri.Embalam R.Selvam, Honourable Ministers, Honourable Members of Parliament & Members of Legislative Assembly, K.Thiagarajan,Thirumalaa Enterprises and the Alpha Clean Products introduced by Santosh Umapathy, Tosh Associates & Alpha international  President & MD Scott Sproull at Puducherry.

Finally vote of thanks given by Ex.MLA.N.Dhanavelu.

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