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Sunday, 27 February 2022

Flight of Fantasy - 15 underprivileged Orphanage kids First time

Flight of Fantasy - 15 underprivileged Orphanage kids First time Round trip Flight from coimbatore and Chennai a joint noble initiative by CNRT 20, MART 100 and CNLC 11.

Round Table India and Ladies Circle India,  through a joint initiative of Coimbatore North Round Table 20, Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 and  Coimbatore North Ladies Circle 11, have put a smile on the faces of 15 kids from less privileged background by turning their dreams of flying in an aeroplane into reality under their project "Flight of Fantasy".

Under the event Flight of Fantasy, 15 Children from an orphanage, Saranalayam, were given first time flight experience on a round trip from Coimbatore to Chennai. On landing from Coimbatore, they were greeted by tablers, circlers at airport and proceeded to VR, Anna Nagar, Chennai for a fun filled day. The management of VR Chennai organized private dining at Vasantha Bhavan. Post the sumptuous meal, a dedicated space was organized at Time Zone, VR  for the kids to play their hearts out. The kids then experienced the beautiful Chennai Metro ride and were all excited.

Speaking at the event, Tr. Moriya Philip, National President, Round Table India stated “RTI has been instrumental in enriching lives of underprivileged kids and Flight of Fantasy has been one of the initiatives many tables across India have adopted. This time, CNRT 20, MART 100 and CNLC 11 have come forward to turn dreams into reality for these 15 kids. We would also like to thank the management of VR , Anna Nagar for coming forward to support in this noble initiative”

Chairman Tr. Dipender Singh of CNRT20 and Chairman Tr.Rajesh Bohara of MART 100 also jointly quoted that "It gives us a sense of satisfaction to see that we have been a part and reason for a life time memory for those kids. The real joy is in giving back to the society"

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