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Monday, 14 March 2022

Mrs.chhavi Kalra obtained Prestigious Doctorate in

 Mrs.chhavi Kalra obtained Prestigious Doctorate in art & music on behalf of  St. Mother Therasa University, Australia, affiliated to Cambridge School of Distance Education, UK Recommended by IMW John Amalan at Hillton.

St. Mother Teresa University is located in Melbourne, Australia. Accredited by Harvard University in the United States, the University is affiliated with the Distant University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. St. Teresa's University, which has been making outstanding contributions to the field of education for many years, has now decided to recognize those who excel in various fields worldwide.

Accordingly, an honorary doctorate is awarded on behalf of St. Mother Teresa University to those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of adoption over the past 10 years. In this capacity, Ms. Chhavi Kalra, who has made many achievements in the field of art and music for the last 30 years, was conferred with an honorary doctorate.

Ms. Chhavi Kalra has been recognized on the recommendation of John Amalan, President of Indian Media Works (IMW). 

Doctor of Arts and Music Mrs.Chhavi Kalra Achievements over the last 30 years:

 •Mrs.Chhavi Kalra received the award as the best artist who participated in the 1989 painting competition. This was appreciated in the media coverage.

• Won the 1988 Badminton Championship.

 • Year 1998 presented as a flawless beauty.

 Participated in the 2015 Marathon for a good cause that raises awareness for breast cancer. She was also honoured as the Ambassador of the "India Turns Pink Organization".

March 2016 I was honored as the Artist of the Year "Super Lady

• Year 2017 - April 15 My first singing video "Mahi" was released.

 • Year 2017 - The video for "Rome Rome" will be released next October 8th.

 • Year 2017 - November 18 she was invited to be a judge for a painting competition (gala for children).

 • Year 2018 - On February 3rd she was called to the "Queen of Madras" Jury.

 • Year 2018 - she was awarded the title of "Creative Diversity Personality" by JCS & Skyline on March 8.

• Year 2018 - she was invited as the Chief Guest on 17th March (Agni College of Technology).

 • Year 2018 - 24 April (St. Brito College) she was invited as a special guest

 • Year 2018 - she was invited to be the inspirational speaker for CIYF2018 Worlds Largest Youth Enclave Chennai on 21st July.

 • Year 2018 - 15 September she have been appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Mahila Central Chennai Congress Committee.

 • Year 2019 - her new song album was released on January 1st.

• Year 2019 - she was invited by the jury for the FEMMAE 2019 FACE OF SOUTH Talent Round on June 9th.

 • Year 2019 - She was invited as a jury member of the FEMMAE 2019 JUNIOR FACE OF SOUTH Grand Finale on November 12 to raise awareness against child abuse.

 , Femme Divas' "Mr, Miss & Mrs Hindustan 2020 Talent Round Jury 2020 - 13 February.

 Year 2021 - 14th IWF Awards Iconic Woman of Inspiration

• Year 2021 - My Original Official Album Nasser Song Released On April 8 (Singer & Songwriter - Chhavi Kalra)

 Year 2021 - 22 October GR Events Award for Vasco People's Choice.

 Mrs.Chhavi Kalra official page is on Facebook: Key Calla "Aptitude" her Paintings, Piano Videos, Singing Videos & her Quotes and Blogs, Encourage people to stay positive on Speakingtree.Com.

 YouTube channel "Chhavi Kalra" Etc. are her achievements in the field of art and music for the last 30 years.

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