Monday, 25 April 2022

Actor Nasser Sir is my first Guru; To be here at Loyola where Vijay and Suriya studied is

Actor Nasser Sir is my first Guru; To be here at Loyola where Vijay and Suriya studied is always a happy feeling! -Actor jiiva at Loyola college Cultural Event.

Actor Jiiva who was the Chief Guest of Loyola College Cultural Event spoke  as follows,

I am extremely happy to see a huge crowd after a long time.For the past few years there is no much crowd like this even in theatres.It is always a pleasure to be at Loyola college.I have been to loyola before long years back.

I came to Loyola during my First Film shoot.It was a great experience at that time.It was the time when Kaakha Kaakha was released.Its been nearly 17 years.

The college has a great infrastructure.I have played Cricket here in the college ground.This college Created lot of legends and successfull persons.Im extremely happy to be here as a guest where Suriya sir,Vijay sir,Udhayanidhi sir and Vishal sir studied.

I was awestruck when i saw Nasser sir here at the event.Im proud that i have worked with him.He showed path to me.He acted as my Father-in-law in my First movie.I was introduced to cinema as a Producer's son only.He asked me"you came to acting just because you are a producer's son? and Why did u came to Acting" I still now dont have the answer for that question.

Whatever field you choose,you need a guide and a guru.I got lot of guru's in my life.In that way Nasser sir was my first Guru.To Share the stage with Nasser sir is a proud moment for me.Thank you sir for all your wonderful Teaching.

I have Acted as Engineering student in lot of films.Films like Neethanae En Ponvasantham,Nanban. I Acted in scenes like
"How Does A Induction Motot Starts" here.

I am always lucky to play roles like Engineer and doctor.But you guys are the luckiest because you are studying it for Four Years.You have lot of work and exams are there but the memories you make with your friends here will always be with you.

Always be Energetic and Motivate others.I have a few Quotes that i would like to share.I will share 2 of those.
"THERE IS NO COMPETITION,THAT IS VIEW AS A VIEW" This is the quote i follow in my life.


Though you have lot of money or things ,the thing which makes you as a person is your Skills.Those who have Good Skills can achieve anything.Thanks for all your love and support.Like Sachin sir used to say "MY BEST IS YET TO COME".
I will surely Entertain you guys in my Upcoming Films.I Need all your Support.Thank you.

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