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Saturday, 2 April 2022

His excellency Mr. Eric Solheim, 6th Executive Director of the

 His excellency Mr. Eric Solheim, 6th Executive Director of the UN Environment impressed by the Environmental Conservation innovative ideas in Artwork by Sunshine School Students.

“The Greatest threat to her planet is the belief that someone else will save it”
– Robert Swan, Explorer & Author

His Excellency Mr. ERIK SOLHEIM, the 6th Executive Director of United Nations Environmental Programme and the former Under Secretary General of the United Nations along with the students of Sunshine Chennai Senior Secondary School visited the Pallikaranai dump yard to focus on the importance of the conservation of nature. 21 students from classes 11 and 9 accompanied His Excellency.  They showcased their artworks that depict the vision of turning the dump yard to a green yard.

Mr. Solheim, then elaborated on the importance of environmental conservation and all the little measures that can be taken by the students to give back to nature.

 Students then suggested their innovative ideas in order to refurbish the Pallikaranai dump yard into a green yard.

His Excellency was impressed by their artwork and their ideas, emphasized the role of the younger generation in the world for the betterment of the Environment.

Mrs. S. Ezhilarasi, the Correspondent of the school stressed the need of importance of having environmental awareness among young students. She rightly said, “Giving exposure to young minds is absolutely necessary and we at Sunshine will not miss giving them any opportunity”.

Mrs.Devika Dinesh, Principal remarked, “I do believe in the adage ‘Catch them young’ and these young minds can critically think about solutions to various problems faced by the World”.

The students had an inspiring interaction with Mr. Solheim where he highlighted how to improve the environment as well as the importance of the current generation in making the world a better place to live in.

This interactive session participated with His excellency Mr Eric Solheim is Mrs.S.Ezilarasi, Mrs Devika Dinesh, Mr.Abdul Gani at Pallikaranai Marshland park.

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