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Thursday, 1 September 2022

Yogibabu's fantasy film titled as "Yaanai Mugathaan".Famous malayalam director

 Yogibabu's fantasy film titled as "Yaanai Mugathaan".Famous malayalam director Rejishh Midhila is directing the film.

Rejishh Midhila who is a well known director in malayalam  is making his debut in tamil through "Yaanai Mugathaan".Yogi babu is playing the lead role.Rejishh Midhila has written,directing and producing the film as a complete fantasy film.

Yogi Babu is playing a character called Ganesh in the film.

Ramesh Tilak is playing the role of a Auto Driver with same name Ganesh.He is extremely devoted to lord ganesha.He used to get loan from every person he meets and falls in problem by failing to return the debt.

Yogi Babu introduces himself as Vinayagar to Ramesh Tilak and he places a demand as well.A sudden turn happens to them in their life.Director has made this as a interesting story.

Actress Oorvasi is playing the character called Malli Akka who is the owner of the apartment where both ganesh lives and Karunakaran is playing the character called Michael who owns a small Pan Masala shop.

Yogi Babu, Ramesh Tilak, Oorvasi, Karunakaran, George Maryan, Hareesh Peradi, Kulappulli Leela ("Marudhu" Paati), Nagavishal are playing important characters in the film.

The shooting of the film started in chennai and went on to happen at rajasthan.

Technicians List

Title: ‘Yaanai Mugathaan’

Production Company: The Great Indian Cinemas

Writer Director: Rejishh Midhila

Dop: Karthik S Nair

Music: Bharath Sankar

Editor: Syalo Sathyan

Chief Production Controller: 

Sunil Jose

Production Executive: M J Bharathi


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