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Monday, 3 April 2023

Lyca Productions Subaskaran acquires Arun Vijay’s “Achcham Enbathu Illayea

 Lyca Productions Subaskaran acquires Arun Vijay’s “Achcham Enbathu Illayea - MISSION CHAPTER 1”

_Lyca Productions Subaskaran has acquired the rights of Arun Vijay’s upcoming film ‘Achcham Enbathu Illayea’, produced by M. Rajashekar & S Swathi, and directed by Vijay, and will be releasing it worldwide._  

The Midas-touch of Lyca Productions Subaskaran has significantly added value to the good films. The production house has strived to produce and distribute films with unique stories, and promising content, thereby successfully adding huge success to such projects. Arun Vijay’s ‘Achcham Enbathu Illayea’ is the latest one to join the league, produced by M. Rajashekar & S Swathi. 

Lyca Productions watched the film and felt that it has a substantial value that will impress audiences from all walks of life. Furthermore, the film’s content has the potential to appeal to the interests of audiences beyond regional boundaries, and hence, Lyca Productions release the film in four different languages. 

The official announcement about the film’s trailer, audio, and worldwide theatrical release will be out soon. 

Director Vijay has completed shooting this film in 70 days across Chennai and London. Amy Jackson is returning onscreen after a long hiatus with this movie. Nimisha Sajayan, one of the most promising and praiseworthy actresses in the Malayalam film industry is also a part of this star cast. 


The film is produced by M. Rajashekar & S Swathi and is co-produced by Vamsi, Prasad Kotha, and Jeevan.  


Arun Vijay, Amy Jackson, Nimisha Sajayan, Abi Haasan, Bharath Bopanna, Baby Iyal, Viraaj S, Jason Shah and others. 

Technical Crew 

Direction – Vijay 

Head of Lyca Productions – G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran 

Produced by Subaskaran 

Produced by – M. Rajashekar and S. Swathi 

Co-Produced by Surya Vamsi Prasad Kotha- Jeevan Kotha 

Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar 

Script & Screenplay – A Mahadev 

Dialogues – Vijay 

Cinematography – Sandeep K Vijay 

Editing – Anthony 

Stunt – Stunt Silva 

Art Director – Saravanan Vasanth

Costume Designer – Ruchi Munoth 

Makeup – Pattanam Rasheed 

Executive Producer – V Ganesh 

Production Controller – K Mani Varma 

Executive Producers (UK) – Sivakumar, Siva Saravanan

Production Executive – Manoj Kumar K 

Costumer – Modepalli Ramana 

Sound Design – MR Rajakrishnan 

VFX – D Note 

Stills –R S Raja 

Promotion & Strategies – Shiyam Jack 

PRO – Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’One 

Publicity Designer – Prathool NT

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