Thursday, 14 November 2019

Pragya Kapoor hosted a ‘Zero Waste’ Birthday Party for her son Isana

 It is no secret that every parent loves to go all out when it comes to celebrating their kid’s birthday. Perhaps it is because we love involving everyone in our joy. Pragya Kapoor who is an active environmentalist decided to break the norm and had a Zero Waste’ birthday party for her son Isana.

Speaking about the same Pragya Kapoor said, “Normally birthday parties create a lot of waste and all of it goes to the landfills. We decided to do a zero waste party by renting, borrowing, using what we already have, up-cycling and reusing things from previous birthday parties held by our event organiser Hop and Bop. We composted all food waste and recycled whatever little paper and plastic waste that couldn’t be reused. Nothing we used went to the landfills. No balloons, no single use products (plastic or papers), no plastic bottles or cans, no paper napkins were used.”

In addition to this, Pragya also laid down a no gift policy and guests were asked to donate things which the NGO Bal Asha required. Even the gifts were requested to be packed in newspapers. The return gifts were colour pencils made of recycled newspaper with seeds which they could plant once they are done using the pencil.

A clean environment is the need of the hour and everyone should do their bit. This surely will encourage other mothers to arrange a zero waste party for their kids

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