Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Actress Ashima Narwal

Actress Ashima Narwal 

The social media found itself loaded with plenty of dazzling pictures from women with the Hashtag – #WomanSupportingWoman, which was created as a means to promote women empowerment in the country. The challenge was about women posting a black and white image of theirs and challenging some other women to do the same.

With this Hashtag finding lots of pictures with women showcasing their support, actress Ashima Narwal came up with an amazing black and white picture along with a beautiful message, which was about Humanity, Love, and Compassion towards all that instantly won the hearts of Netizens.

Ashima Narwal says, “I think it’s no longer about man and woman. I have accepted the challenge to help and support all individuals, who are trying to do good and have positive and pure intentions, people who are honest and don’t harm others, people who dare to speak the truth, people who don’t act in real life.

It’s no longer a thing about women supporting women or men supporting men; it’s about good people supporting other good people. I feel supported by so many other men, who have been like a blessing in my life. It’s not about a person’s gender, but it’s about the person’s intention that should count. Hence this black and white picture is dedicated to all the men and women, who have supported me in this journey of mine. Cheers to all of them.”

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