Sunday, 24 January 2021

Thirumala launches ‘White Gold’

*Thirumala launches ‘White Gold’ 100% Thick & Creamy Buffalo milk and curd* 

Leading Dairy brand Thirumala has launched it new premium offering, Thirumala White Gold – Pure Buffalo milk & curd. Thirumala White Gold is made with 100% pure buffalo milk which gives a thick, creamy milk & curd naturally rich in protein, vitamins & minerals.

Thirumala White Gold Buffalo milk 500ml is priced at Rs 35 and White Gold Buffalo Curd is priced at Rs 15 for 190g pouch and Rs 40 for 500g pouch. Thirumala White Gold milk has 6% FAT and 9% SNF & the curd has 5% FAT & 10% SNF. Thirumala White Gold aims to reach out to discerning consumers who are looking for   a thick & creamy buffalo Milk & Curd. Thirumala is known for its quality and purity of products and the same promise is now delivered through Thirumala White Gold - Buffalo Milk & Curd

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