Saturday, 4 July 2020

FICCI FLO presents 'No Going Back'

FICCI FLO presents 'No Going Back' an enlightening conversation with Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus on 6th July

FICCO FLO presents Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate, co-founder of Yunus Social Business, and founder of Grameen Bank in a webinar as he speaks on 'No Going Back’, Forging a new future in the wake of Covid 19. Streaming live from Dacca, Prof. Yunus will talk about how we should not event want to return to what used to be normal in finance and economics. How the present day situation is a perfect foil to start new practices and business for social good. He will share his insights on some of the most pressing global challenges like poverty alleviation.

He will also speak on humane capitalism and how the creation of social businesses can address and solve problems around the world. This webinar is being hosted by FICCI FLO in partnership with Yunus Centre.

For more information, message 9677024463

Date: 6th July 2020
Time: 3.30 pm

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