Friday, 13 November 2020

Renowned Choreographer Raghuram Master's grand children debuts as

 Renowned Choreographer Raghuram Master's grand children debuts as Music Composers

Raghuram master has left his foot print in the cine industry as a renowned Choreographer. He has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Kannadam, Hindi and many more language films as Choreographer. He has a place in the industry and the minds of his fans years after his death. Such is the power of his stunning dance.

Now his grand childrens are stepping into the field of entertainment. Raghuram - Girija couple were blessed with two daughters Suja and Gayathri. Suja is settled in USA after marriage. She has two wards, Trishul.R.Manoj, Sana Manoj. Now these kids have started walking in the path of art.

Yes, the duo debuts througn musical single named as Diwali Anthem.

Trishul R.Manoj has scored the music and makes screen presence in the same. Whereas Sana Manoj along with her brother and co artistes Ishan, Namritha has sung the song. Trishul Manoj has learned music from Mr. N.MurulaiKrishnan in Los Angeles.

The new and fresh Diwali anthem is all set to ring in your ears very soon.

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