Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Grundfos India provides access to clean water to more than 1450 villagers

Addresses drinking water challengesat Maiyur Panchayat using sustainable solutions

Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology, partnered with Hand in Hand India, a leading international nonprofit organization to provide access to clean drinking water to more than 1450 villagers residing inMaiyur Panchayat, Tamil Nadu.

The villagers in Maiyur Panchayat consisting mostly of labourers have struggled to get water daily, some of them even walking more than two kilometers a day to fetch water. Grundfos India through this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative has sponsored a complete drinking water system, including the erection of drinking water bore well, installation of solar operated pump and storage tank arrangement for controlled water use.Through this, more than 290 households have been positively impacted and their dependency on external sources for drinking water has reduced extensively.

The Maiyur Community Drinking Water Project was inaugurated by Mahathi Parashuram, Regional Head Public Affairs, Communications& Engagement, Grundfos Asia Pacific Region, Sandip Mookerjee President, Hand In Hand India and some local village community leaders.

Speaking about the initiative, Mahathi Parashuram, said “Water is a key focus for us at Grundfos. Providing access to water to rural communities through our CSR initiative also directly aligns to our goal of supporting UN’s Sustainability Development Goal 6. Through this initiative, not only are we bringing safe drinking water closer tothe community, we are helping improve health, hygiene and quality of life of these families. In the long run, this water access is also helping women as they no longer have to spend hours fetching water - giving them a chance to work and earn more, enabling girls to return to school and reduce health costs of the community”.

Sandip Mookerjee, President, Hand in Hand India, also added “While we at Hand In Hand India works closely on addressing drinking water issues across communities through our Integrated VillageUpliftment Programmes. This is only possible through the close collaboration with companies like Grundfos India. We have been working with Grundfos India over the last few years and have seen their dedication to improve the lives of people through the access to clean water”.

Through the years, Grundfos India has been working to improve the access of clean water in hundreds of villages in India.

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