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Friday, 30 April 2021

Shriram Housing Finance steps up to

                        Shriram Housing Finance steps up to reimburse
                                vaccination costs for all its customers

·         A small gesture to facilitate vaccination for our customers

Shriram Housing Finance Limited (SHFL), a leading Affordable housing finance company, takes a step ahead in raising a helping hand for its customers by absorbing the cost of COVID 19 vaccination and enabling its customers to be a part of the largest vaccination program of the Nation.

Shriram Housing Finance has always had a ‘customer first approach’ and has always believed and supported the well-being and welfare of its customers all through the pandemic. Today, at a time when vaccination has become a critical factor and of utmost importance, Shriram Housing Finance has taken on the mantle of providing vaccination free of cost to all its customers.

Mr. Ravi Subramanian, MD & CEO, Shriram Housing Finance said, “At Shriram Housing Finance, our employees and customers have always been our priority. While we had earlier announced reimbursement of costs of vaccination for our employees, we have now extended the same for our customers as well. Customers in the affordable housing space are not very well off and for them even the small sum to be incurred in vaccination through private players can become a big deterrent. This in turn can derail the vaccination drive. We believe that this initiative will take out the dissonance and enable customers to take affordability out of the equation when they make the vaccination decision. We would be reaching out to all customers with details of this program and would work to make this a big success” he added

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