Wednesday, 19 May 2021

CREDAI Chennai’s Covid Lifeline Support


CREDAI Chennai’s Covid Lifeline Support

Oxygen supported beds at Government Hospitals

From Ambulance before hospital admission


CREDAI Chennai has now put 200 oxygen supported Beds in Temporary Air condition structure/ German Tent. They have added two in hospitals now at Kilpauk Medical Hospital and Government Specialty Hospital, Omandurar.


Credai is adding a total of 1000 oxygen supported beds with their CSR fund and sponsorship from their CREDAI members. Tamil Nadu health minister  

Ma. Subramaniam has inaugurated one of the centres.




There has been a big demand for such support as the middle & lower income families are finding it difficult to reach big hospitals.


Mr. Padam Dugar, President, CREDAI Chennai says, "As there are many ambulances lining up, so as soon as the ambulance arrives the patient can be alighted at this facility and the ambulance will become free.

The patient will be attended immediately with oxygen support and if required will be shifted to the main hospital building. So in such a situation the ambulance will become free and the patient will be attended at this Covid Lifeline Support."

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