Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Rishina Kandhari steps up and becomes Maharashtra's

        Rishina Kandhari steps up and becomes Maharashtra's COVID warrior 

COVID Pandemic's second wave has hit the country hard. All the industries including entertainment are suffering the effects of the pandemic. The lockdown has been in effect for the past 15 days and the shoots are on hold. 

Some actors are using the time to spread positivity and love on social media and some are using it to help the people get the right medicine, blood type, plasma and oxygen along with sometimes even helping them get beds at the hospital or shelters. 

Actress Rishina Kandhari takes a step up and joins hand with Punyakarma Foundation to help the families fighting covid. Rishina is known for her work in Diya Aur Bati, Uttaran, Yeh Un Dino ki Baat hai and many more hit Tv series. The actress recently shared on social media how to virtually be there for the people struggling with the virus but she still found and heard a lot of cases rising and families fighting for their loved ones live. 

The actress reached out to multiple shelters and distributed medicines that people were struggling to buy. Her major donation to the NESCO shelter was praised by the doctors and staff members. She along with her volunteer friends reached out to maximum people and helped as many as they could this year. 

Last year Rishina Kandhari and the foundation fed 2 lakh migrant workers in 60 days who were away from their homes. Rishina said, "With the increase in the demand of heavily priced medicines and oxygen cylinders around us, we understood how we can help and hence we donated antibiotics and sanitization kits which would help the families."

To help the infected people in the rural area of Maharasthra she also has planned ahead and quotes, "The virus has now reached the rural areas of Maharashtra and we are here to help the ones incapable of helping themselves. Our agenda is to reach out to the doctors who are in touch with the families of the infected people and get them the right medicines within the first 7 days of the virus being detected so that the situation gets under control and the oxygen cylinders aren't required as the shortage is really a big issue. 

The actress in the coming week will be visiting the rural areas such as Karjat, Safale and Wada to give the required help. She urges, "please stay indoors and stay safe. Mask and sanitiser are a must whenever you step outside for an emergency."

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