Thursday, 19 December 2019

National Institute of Technology in collaboration with Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology

National Institute of Technology in collaboration with Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur (IIFPT) organized a one-day workshop on ‘Recent Trends in Cold Storage System’ today. Mr. G Ajeethan, Managing Director, Tamil Nadu banana producer company Ltd, Trichy was the chief guest and Mr G Karikalan, Managing Director, Nachalur farmer’s producer company Ltd. Trichy was the guest of honour for the august occasion. The purpose of the workshop is for disseminate the technical upliftment opportunities available in order to avoid post-harvest losses to the farmers.

The team has developed a 2TR prototype solar-assisted cold storage system with DST Sponsorship. The workshop is intended to address the design, operational and control aspects of prototype PCM based PSCS System. The main aim of PSCS system is to replicate a mobile multi-commodity cold storage system to store different fruits and vegetables and reduce post-harvest losses specifically from the farmer’s field to the cold storage facility which is the major issue faced by Indian farmer community.

Dr N. Sivakumaran, the event coordinator and one of the Investigator of the project welcomed the gathering and mentioned the validated facility available and its usefulness to the farmer fraternity.  Dr Mini Shaji Thomas, Director, NIT-T addressed the gathering and mentioned the endeavour to bring farmers problem forefront.

She reminded the Institute tagline ‘locally relevant and globally competitive’ and insisted on impact education and exposing and sensitising students towards agricultural problems. She congratulated the investigators for taking up such an interdisciplinary project and its outreach towards the benefit of the society. At the juncture, she also reminded the success of ‘truck-mounted vacuum cleaner’ donated to the municipality. Mr Ajeethan in this address mentioned as the high time to bring the infrastructure and its benefits in agriculture and pass on to the farmers. He mentioned that the project is more helpful in completing the cold chain of the commodity until it reaches the consumers and helps in doubling the farmer's income by minimizing post-harvest losses.

Mr G Karikalan in this address mentioned the warehouse facilities available and highlighted the benefits of the cold storage unit.  He also noted that this workshop would be an eye-opener to many stakeholders of the agriculture firm.The workshop consisted of sessions briefing on the necessity of cold storage, its benefits in incorporating solar and PCM, suggestions of its usage for the minimizing post-harvest losses with a demonstration of the prototype. The workshop was well attended by farmers, agriculturalist, Technocrats from Industries retailers, students, faculties, research scholars.

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