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Saturday 28 December 2019

Deepthi crowned Miss Tamil Nadu 2020

Deepthi crowned Miss Tamil Nadu 2020

It was an evening of fun, laughter and elegance at the crowning ceremony of Miss Tamil Nadu 2020, held at Hilton hotel on 27th December 2019. This is the 13th consecutive edition of the beauty pageant, being organized by Razz Madazz.

A total of 16 dazzling models who were listed from 100 modeling enthusiasts through different auditions over this year, walked the ramp on Friday night. 

After three rounds, Deepthi was crowned Miss Tamil Nadu 2020 and Kamna and Lavanya were the runner ups. 

Models in top six positions are now eligible to participate in Miss South India 2020,set to be held in Kerala on January 21

"The models belong to different districts across Tamil Nadu and it can be seen that not all the models are fair here. We wanted to break complexion barriers and crown the model who is elegant and talented in her own way," said Joe Michael, founder, Jazz Madazz.

He further added, that pageants like these increase the visibility of the models and help them bag promising projects in the future, like that finalists of the previous editions.

Another highlight of the event was that the title of Miss South India, which has been taken back from actress Meera Mitun because she was allegedly involved in fraudulent activities, was presented to actress Sanam Shetty.

Numerous socialites and celebrities took part in the event including actress Yashika Anand, Upasana RC, Harinee Gautham and Chaitanya Rao.

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