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Friday, 24 December 2021

Prestige Group brings alive emotional quotient as its USP in their


Prestige Group brings alive emotional quotient as its USP in their latest ’Joyful Living Forever’ campaign


~Leveraging the trust and emotional connect with its loyal patrons, the TVC breathes fresh air in the real estate sector~


Prestige Group, one of the leading real estate developers in India has unveiled the “Joyful Living Forever” campaign which resonates with the brand’s commitment to build spaces that create memories for a lifetime, celebrates every emotion, and instills a sense of pride that comes with being a part of the Prestige family.


Through this TVC, the brand narrates how Prestige relates to every patron's emotion. Every place in the world has innumerous memories attached to it and each space at Prestige brings an evocation of certain sets of remembrance. The soulful connections of a wedding hall that has seen the startling eyes of a gorgeous bride, a Golfshire that has seen a typical father trying to pass the self-proclaimed master skills he had back in the day and the old home that has seen 4 decades of a couple living together through thick and thin, are all brought to life through the heart touching visuals in Prestige Group’s new commercial.


Uzma Irfan, Director, Prestige Group, remarks, Prestige is an emotion, a pride that we carry. We don’t just build buildings. We build spaces that create wealth & memories for generations to come. Our ‘Joyful Living Forever’ campaign encapsulates this commitment and aims to forge that special connection with our audiences/patrons. Our goal with this TVC is to strengthen our brand value in the existing markets and establish our credibility backed by our esteemed lineage in the new markets that we foray into and sustain the emotional connect and pride that our customers associate with being a part of the Prestige Group”.


Shot exclusively at Prestige properties, the new commercial conceptualized by “By the Gram “stands successful in maintaining curiosity till the end. It will be promoted on news channels, DTH, OTTs, brand’s social and digital media platforms, through affiliate partners and other media avenues such as cinema and audio as radio jingle.


High resolution link of the video: https://sendgb.com/E17QFkHlaSR

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