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Wednesday 29 December 2021

Lyric that sparked debate in Maayone song

 *Lyric that sparked debate in Maayone song changed by Maayon team*

The magnanimous gesture of changing a lyric in a song by its makers have won admiration of fans after it became a point of debate in social media. 

The single track Maayone Manivanna from the film Maayon set to tunes by maestro Ilaiyaraaja and sung by Carnatic legends Rajnani & Gayatri was out recently. It became a huge hit garnering over a million views in quick time.

A particular lyric from the song turned into a point of controversy. It even become a subject of debate among fans of Raja sir. The lines 'Thaal Panindhom' sung by Ranjani & Gayatri has found a mention as 'Thaazh Panindhom'  in lyrical video. Comments below the video questioned as to which one is appropriate. They even urged the team to clarify.

Thaal Panindhom means surrender to the feet of Almighty. Whereas Thaazh Panindhom translates to complete surrender. 

The Maayon team however clarified that according to Poorananooru, Thaal Panindhom and Thaazh Panindhom both means surrender to Almighty's feet. However following requests from fans and music-lovers, we took maximum efforts and changed the lyrics in the video as Thaal Pananidhom. This is going to stay for ever in digital medium and hence we thought we should make appropriate changes as requested by fans and music-lovers , say the team behind the mega venture.

The film is produced by  Arunmozhi Manickam of Double Meaning Productions who also written the screenplay for the film.  It is directed by a debutant filmmaker N Kishore. Sibiraj plays the lead role.

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